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Dear Take Your Time (Hazel & Deb),
This was the first time we have ever had to leave Marley alone at home. We are so glad we choose Hazel & Deb to spend a full 8 days with our Marley girl. She was so calm when we got home you could tell she had a great time and was very well taken care of.  The house was spotless right down to Marley's laundry, not a dirty dish in the house, taking out the garbage and even cleaning up dog poop.
My wife and I just can't say enough positive things about Hazel.
If you’re reading this and trying to find a sitter for your pet this is the company. We couldn't be happier. 5 stars! Thank you so much.
Michael &  Elizabeth   


can't even tell you how good we feel knowing you are taking 
care of Ozzy and Dos Equis!! You are wonderful!!!!
Kelly & Michael


                     In 2015 we added another
               page for our friends due to making 
     so many new ones and getting new pictures of 
                     some of our older friends.
           All of our friends are so very special
    to us and we thoroughly enjoy our time together.





We are so happy we found "Take Your Time" to look after our little boy when we are out of town! It puts our mind at ease when we leave to know Toby is in good hands so we are able to relax and fully enjoy our vacations!
Brittany & Tyler




       Keep checking back, 
   there are more to come!

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